Stotan Racing was founded in 2010 by Bill & John Aris. It is a  NIKE supported and USATF member program. The team is comprised of NIKE sponsored athletes, and qualified non-sponsored athletes.The SR program provides coaching and support to men and women aspiring for greatness in distance running.Our objective is to develop talent for success on the road, track, and cross country course, distances ranging between 800M and Marathon.

At the highest levels, Stotan Racing has developed athletes to  World Championship, US Championship, and Olympic Trials success. The program’s ultimate goal is to compete at the Olympic Games.

Stotans work extremely hard. We challenge ourselves in ways others may not. We train in all elements and weather conditions, and are hardened to many styles of training. We are selfless, respectful, stoic, and team oriented people.

We seek progress in training, profession, graduate school, family, faith…not solely as athletes, but as complete and contributory members of society.